Penthouse 3D flick: The Perfect Perv 6: Confessional

Penthouse continues with their daily updates on the SBS 3D section!

Storyline: Men rarely say anything to me, but I can sense it. I know I’ve got what they like, and I know they perv on me whenever I’m in public. It starts with my mouth…I can tell when a man is salivating over my mouth, and I play into it by licking my lips or putting on some gloss. Then their eyes move to my tits and them my ass. By now I can tell that they are going to ogle every part of me, so I let them. Down my legs, right to my feet, and then all the way back up again. It’s kind of annoying sometimes, but I just try to remember that I am the perfect perv material for the perfect perv.

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Penthouse 3D flick: The Perfect Perv 6: Confessional

Stars: Will Powers, Lexi Swallow

Categorys: Blonde, 3D

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