Penthouse 3D: Big Boobed Blondes 2: Hangover Echo in Side by side for 3D TV

Penthouse continues with their daily updates on the SBS 3D section!

Storyline: Brynn is sneaking out of the apartment to commence her walk of shame when TJ suddenly awakens. He has no recollection of meeting Brynn, much less having sex with her the night before. As the memories begin to appear TJ is once again drawn into Brynn’s beauty and charm and he nods off again. When he wakes up a second time there is no hot blonde so he is left wondering if it ever happened to begin with.

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Big Boobed Blondes 2: Hangover Echo

Stars: TJ Cummings, Brynn Tyler

Categorys: Blonde, Blowjob, Masturbation, 3D

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